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Student Leadership


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    Virtual Voyage College is a Progressive college, we  welcome everyone with the ability and ambition to succeed. We believe that  education is a right not a privilege. No matter how Unique your interests are or how bizarre your inclinations maybe , we uncover your hidden talents, we create a sequence of moments wherein you are robbed of your breath and you are mesmerized in the avant-garde learning process.

    You are then meticulously galvanized to confidently place yourself in the global arena of the field of your choice, where your true potential lies.

    USP of Virtual Voyage College is not just infrastructure, its brilliant students or eminent faculties, it is actually our ability to incubate & boost latent talents – underlying potential of our students. Like a delligent craftsmen, our team moulds, carves, finishes every little capability we envision in our students, by engrossing them in our colourful, proactive & incredibly engaging CLUBS. Each club is designed primarily keeping the need to nurture & chisel the talent of students & secondary expose to them with real life Industry experience while they are still in college.

    We take pride is telling you all these cells/Clubs are not only performing exemplarily, but are managed & operated solely by student army, with minimal leadership & pervasive mentorship of our teachers. Seven cells serve seven rare niches, and attract students with distinct requisites & expectations. Joining “The USP cell” inculcates Leadership qualities,  Management, Independence, Confidence, improves communication skills, Learning while doing, facilitates Industry Experience & Exposure, etc.

    We advice all our students not only to participate but be part of multiple clubs, wore some responsibilities & see how Opportunities hop on their way to success.