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Sponsor Our Events


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    We at Virtual Voyage focus on continual experiential development of our students’ cherished dreams. They are exposed to various events throughout the year to stretch their inherent intellectual ingenuity and to burst forth their in-built avant-garde creativity in their pertinent fields.

    We have excellent opportunities for organizations and businesses to sponsor our events, which take place throughout the year. Whether it’s one day experience for the prospective learners, a short movie competition or a fashion show, our events provide the ideal sponsorship opportunity for your company.

    You will have the opportunity to promote your business to a relevant audience, and at the same time you’ll be playing a vital role in your Corporate Social Responsibility requirements. Our Scholars go on to find success in various industries and through sponsorship of our events you’ll be helping enrich their development – and increase your brand awareness in the process. Sponsorship offer a very beneficial link between students and businesses that share our passion for innovation and creativity.

    Companies forming a long term relationship with our College or our courses benefit from PR, talent management and expert consultancy over many years.

    We invite you to join our network to support the future of our creative youth and the industries they intern with.

    Thank You!