Late Seth Shri Jadavchand Ji Chhajed

Late Seth Shri Jadavchand Ji Chhajed


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    An influential political leader of M.P. govt. in 1950’s from Nimad region ( year), Mr. Abhay Jain’s father’s uncle (fufaji) was the one who funded Dr. Kanakmal Jain’s ( Mr. Abhay Jain’s paternal uncle) studies, who further funded Mr. Abhay Jain’s( Founder of Virtual Voyage college) education. Without Judavchand ji’s support ,Dr. Kanakmal Jain neither would have been able to pursue his MBBS nor would have gone to US.
    It’s appropriately said that by a single help to someone at the right time, their many generations can be transformed.

    The seed Judavchand ji sowed and nurtured, grew into a giant tree and belonging to Dr. Kanakmal ji’s family, Mr. Abhay Jain is a tiny branch of that tree! It’s said, a person learns from many mediums and sources in his life, and if he applies few of those good teachings to his life, the life unfolds itself beautifully!
    Although Mr. Abhay Jain never met this great man (as his passed away before his birth) but the stories he heard from his elders were imbibed by him and left imprints of inspiration on him. And thus was born a passion of doing something for the society. So, through Virtual Voyage College, if he is always keen to work towards the betterment of society, credit goes to Judavchand ji only.

    TJudavchand ji believed, if god has given you potential and ability to do something good, then one should utilize those resources for the good cause in aiding others.He believed in the words of Robert Ingersoll ,“ We rise by lifting others” .

    Thus, he used his power to full capacities in working towards the betterment of the society.