Late Seth Shri Bhanwarlal Ji Mandot

Late Seth Shri Bhanwarlal Ji Mandot


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    Work hard and achieve anything. Aim higher, dream bigger, fearless, be grateful, it’s now or never!

    Late Shri Bhanwar Lal Jain, Grandfather of Mr Abhay Jain (founder of Virtual Voyage College), was a man of determination and hard work. He believed that there is no alternative for hard work.

    Bhawarlal Ji, never making an excuse of his circumstances, brought up 5 children ( 4 sons and 1 daughter ) gracefully! Living a life of toil, Bhawarlalji along with his wife, used to grind grains in the traditional Indian grinder (ghatti). He used to earn his living by selling grains for which he used to travel every day to Mandleshwar and Maheshwar markets ( mandi’s) from Kasrawad ( a small village in Khargone dist. ). In the times when there was no means of transportation, he used to cross river Narmada carrying sacks of grains one by one on his shoulders every day as the bridge could not take the weight of bullock cart!

    Abhay Jain Ji, a persistent learner, continually incorporates the teachings of Bhanwarlal ji in his life and work believing that, “ Nothing is impossible if you go behind your aim doing continuous hard work required. ”.