Mr. Abhay Kumar Jain

Mr. Abhay Kumar Jain


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    A Teacher by Heart, An Entrepreneur by Profession, An Innovator by Passion and A Dreamer & Learner in Everyday Life, Mr Abhay Jain believes in the motto of,

    “Life Begins When You Leave Your Comfort Zone and Choose A Path For Your Passion.”

    Mr. Abhay Jain embarked on a journey of training and education in 1994. He is an educational reformer & academician cum Entrepreneur, with a strong will & desire to change the system. He believes in giving room to new thoughts and make a substantial contribution towards society by creating many qualified & skilled professionals.

    He says, “Coming from a traditional background and being a computer engineer by qualification, it wasn’t an easy choice to become what I wanted to – An Entrepreneur.

    I certainly believe that an achiever in the World is the product of motivation, which is born out of the struggle to fulfil any desire. Hence, it was my zeal and undying passion that gave birth to this unique initiative in the nation by the name Virtual Voyage College of Innovation. I am thankful to all the veteran students of my colleagues who have given me the strength and support for developing VV what it is today.”

    His remarkable contribution in the field of education has won many accolades and appreciations. One of the examples like being nominated as the best Vocational Training &Best Policy Maker Institute and winner of Shiksha Ratna Award, also he was one of the handfuls of Entrepreneurs featured in ‘Small Big Bangs’ Grey Parrot Publishers in Lucknow.

    He has also laid the successful foundation of many other entrepreneurial ventures like Lingua Franca, Truecommerce, Hardzone, Blue Chip, Institute for Applied Technologies, Talkshow, GreenSky Earth etc.