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    भेड़चाल छोड़ो, दिल की सुनो

    सपनो से एक कदम की दूरी हैं, मनमानी जरुरी हैं !

    Follow the heart, not the herd!

    वही करो जो जुनून कहे!

    करिअर सही तो सब सही!

    अपने सही हुनर को तलाशीये!

    बड़ा कदम अब मत ठहर ! कला की हर एक पर नहीं है मेहर!

    पलट कर मत देख! अब दुनिया पलटेगी!!

    यह कदम क्यू गए है रुक! फोड़ डाल ये है कला युग!!

    तेरा सपना तेरा जुनून तेरी! कामयाबी सब का सुकून!!

    रख मन की लाज! बन कला का सर्ताज!!

    हमने सुना दिल को तुम भी सुनो! आकर यहाँ, अपने सपने बुनो!!

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        A set of appropriate and well maintained facilities in an institute improves the quality of spreading and receiving knowledge. Our institute provides course specified facilities such as drafting tables, computer labs, dance room, green room, construction lab, modeling ramp, auditorium including basic facilities such as conference hall, common spaces, projector room.

        Our faculty and architects have worked together to develop each working space as per course requirement and student comfort.
      • Reception Lobby

        Reception/ Lobby

        Our reception area covers a big space for the visitors coming in the institute. This waiting area/lobby is developed in a way to keep the visitors entertained by showing them the institute’s show reel and providing them with the best information they come to seek.

        This area is often used to showcase different projects to visitors, undertaken by our students from various domains.
      • Classroom


        With proper seating arrangements and necessary infrastructure for large number of students, our smart classrooms are well equipped with modern day tools including white boards and projectors to facilitate healthy learning environment.

        These classrooms are used as and when by various batches of different courses, and for group discussions and brainstorming sessions.
      • Conference Hall

        Conference Hall

        Our architects, faculty and facility manager have worked together to create classrooms for students to provide them an appropriate atmosphere and encourage them to stay focused.

        These spaces have been developed considering the modern day teaching tools. Our classrooms bring out the best in our faculty and students.
      • Corridor


        Our Corridors are wide enough connecting different areas and classrooms of the college making it convenient for people to access our facility properly.

        Corridors are well lit, making the overall college atmosphere come alive and energy filled.
      • Digital Media Lab

        Digital Media Classroom

        Our Digital Media classroom is one of the most creative & beautiful space at our facility, which is designed in a way to promote creative thinking.

        These classrooms are constantly transforming as the students also use it as a canvas to showcase their imagination.
      • Modeling Class

        Modeling Class

        Modeling Course at our institute provides ambitious fashion models an opportunity to train with the best professionals. Our workshops train students on backstage techniques and etiquette, ramp walking and posing.
        The completion of this program enables one to model for editorials and magazine, enter beauty pageants and runway modeling.
      • Fashion Class

        Fashion Class

        Our college has class rooms and spaces specially dedicated to fashion students. There are well maintained sewing machines, dress forms of different sizes for draping women’s wear, kids wear and men’s wear, drafting tables, ironing machines, tracing boards, lecture rooms and spaces for jury presentation.
      • Interior Class

        Interior Class

        Interior Designing is one of the most aspired fields among all the designing courses. We have special classrooms for interior designing students which are equipped with drafting boards.

        The institute also invites designing professionals for course related seminars to prepare students for the world outside. Our module for designing courses is structured in a way that each project has the potential to be showcased to the world.
      • Staff Cabins

        Staff Cabins

        Our staff cabins are more like private dens for the mentors, who have their privacy to practice their respective subjects. The motive for which is to provide the teachers with a no-disturbance seating area for maximum productivity.

        Each and every staff cabin is equipped with Connectivity and latest computer applications for the ease of work.
      • Production Studio

        Production Studio

        Chroma is a VFX production process/technique for compositing images or video streams together based upon color hues using latest production technologies and editing soft wares.

        We have dedicated acoustic insulated studios for the production of these audio-visual content with industry specific equipment’s which is accessed by the students for the various audio-visual production projects they are assigned.
      • Common Area

        Common Area

        It is one of the most vital elements of a student’s college life as it provides a comfortable platform for interactions and exchange of ideas. Our common area is designed in a way to optimize such communications and develop strong connections.

        This area is also used as a space for certain group activities and quick social gatherings.
      • Computer Lab

        Computer Lab

        A computer lab is necessary to provide practical exposure and on-hand working environment to such students. The Institute has over 250computer systems; the main computer center facilitates high internet speed and is networked with branded servers.

        The lab is specially designed for students to learn modern day design techniques and get a practical exposure.
      • Auditorium Hall

        Auditorium Hall

        The Auditorium works as a space for inspiring students and developing communication skills. Weekly seminars, sessions by guest speakers, intra -college competitions, functions such as Teachers Day and Independence Day are held here.

        The auditorium can seat more than 100 people. It is furnished with a good size stage, comfortable seating, carpeting, air-conditioners, audio-visual facilities and a podium.
      • Dance Room

        Dance Room

        The institute has an attractive dance room where students are taught various dance forms such as folk, classical and western by highly qualified professionals.

        The space is also used for Yoga, Pilates and other fitness activities.

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