Radio Jockey (RJing) / Video Jockey (VJing) / Anchoring

Radio Jockey (RJing) / Video Jockey (VJing) / Anchoring

Radio, Video, Disk Jockeying & Anchoring is fast catching the eyes of youngsters. A Video Jockey is an announcer and plays videos on music channels.

It is derived from the term Disc Jockey as used in the radio industry.Our sketched out RJ, VJ, and Anchoring Courses will help you become spontaneous, creative, and persuasive, just like the industry requires.

UG Diploma Courses – 10 + 2/ (Anyone Can Do It) Certificate courses Those interested, can learn from the way RJs (Radio Jockey) conduct a show, handle listeners and answer the tricky questions. Listening shall help you come up with innovative and interesting ideas that shall help you sail through your work. You need to pay special attention to your fluency, flare, diction and pronunciation as a jockey. Successful RJs have the ability to change their voice tones with different situations as well as do mimicry.

You may not be in your best mood a particular morning, but that shall certainly not show up when you are hosting a peppy show. How you cover up your emotions, is up to you and that is how you become a true professional. Remember, your performance shall make or ruin a radio station. So, there is a lot depending on you and you need to take your job pretty seriously. Come up with bubbling enthusiasm and new concepts every day to keep your listeners going.

Various skills can be acquired during the training program just the basic interest and zeal to learn is important and required to pursue this course.


    Courses / Streams

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    Radio Jockey


    Certificate Course in RJing (Radio Jockey) – 3 Months

    Eligibility:- None(Any one can do)

    *For More Details You can Call/SMS/Whatsapp @ 9300 420 120

    Video Jockey


    Certificate Course in VJing (Video Jockey) and Anchoring

    Eligibility:- None (Any one can do)

    *For More Details You can Call/SMS/Whatsapp @ 9300 420 120