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    The progress of a nation is measured by how well it moves towards set goals and values. We have been marked as a nation with demographic dividend. Imagine the capacity of personnel this country can offer in the years to come. I welcome all of you on behalf of Virtual Voyage College of Design, Media, Art & Management to be a part of a big dream in creating an India which is an ambiance to new ideas, creativity and flourishing human persona and from which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge. The thrust of Virtual Voyage College lies in setting-up a formal environment wherein each one is nurtured depending on his ability, interest and competency thus resulting into a productive output.

    We believe that an individual’s ability cannot be judged on the statistics of report card, but what best he can do as an individual and make a change around him or become an inspiration for others.

    We create opportunities for a holistic personality development. The atmosphere of the campus spreads an aura which is unique, positive and enthusiastic. Over the years, as a team we have been making sustainable efforts to generate, disseminate, preserve knowledge and to prepare our next generation of thoughtful professionals by providing diverse learning environment.