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    Teaching is not just imparting knowledge, it is inspiring Change!!

    The industry is evolving every day. So to make our students industry ready, we have designed a unique and curriculum, with teaching methodology tailored by our Industry partners and mentors. The curriculum is being regularly updated with the advice of Industry experts, professors of esteemed national – international universities and our Alumni. This gives students firsthand experience and helps them to understand the concepts beyond theoretical knowledge. We impart quality education to students, which is not just confined to classrooms but it also connects our students to the wider world.

    Our teaching strategies include initiative oriented assignments, thinking out of the box, individual attention with supportive classroom environment. Our effective pedagogical practice promotes the well-being of students, teachers and hence of entire college community.

    What we know of learning is that the predominant factor is not merely time on task; it is the quality of attention brought to that task. Across all learning and subject areas we incorporate an array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement, connectedness to the wider world, supportive classroom environments, and recognition of difference .

    Our effective pedagogical practice promotes the well being of students, teachers and hence our college community. It improves students’ and teachers’ confidence and contributes to their sense of purpose for being at college; it builds community confidence in the quality of learning and teaching in the school.