Modern Day Career Courses

Modern Day Career Courses

The constitution of India mentions seven fundamental citizen rights; three being right to equality, right to freedom, cultural and educational rights. These rights are the pillars to our institution, the courses we offer and the ideas we promote.Virtual Voyage offers a wide range of modern day courses for students and aspirants who repulse traditional courses thus providing opportunities for an individual to emote and work in their comfort zone.

Each individual has a different way of expressing themselves and feeling free.Art and Design Courses such as Fashion designing, Interior designing, Animation & Visual Effects, Graphic & Web designing, Fine Arts, Film Making, Anchoring, Photography and UI & UX design are very popular among the youth but haven’t gained a level of satisfaction in the perspective of a parent. This is because of the lack of availability of mentors who could recognize such skills in an individual and suggest them an institute that could help them nurture their creativity in the best way possible.

These courses not only turn out to be successful career fields but also grant a person a significant social status unlike other fields and jobs that serves a being with only with a paycheck.

Virtual Voyage also offers design and art specific Management Courses such Advertising & PR Management, Digital Media Management, Event Management, Retail Management, Brand Management, Design & Communication Management to help an individual present, manage and sell their masterpiece.


    Courses / Streams

    Fashion Design Courses Interior Design Courses Mass Communication & Journalism Animation & Visual Effects Courses Digital Media Management Courses Events Management Courses Multimedia Courses Hotel Management Courses Aviation & Hospitality Management Beauty, Personal Care & Salon UI & UX Design Courses Retail Management Courses CSR & NGO Management English Literature Film Making Courses Performing Arts Courses Fine Arts Courses Hardware & Networking Courses Computerized Financial accounting Acting, Theatre Art Courses Modelling Courses RJing, Anchoring, VJing Courses Photography, Cinematography, Videography Dancing,Choreography Courses Design Institution Entrance Exams