Shri Sayeed Ji Ansari

Shri Sayeed Ji Ansari


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    Shri Sayeed Hamid Ji Ansari is one of the very popular and most experienced TV Anchor. He has been in the industry for almost 22 years and has conducted shows on ABP news like ‘Insaaf Ka Tarazu’ and ‘Kahiye Netaji’. ‘Rojana’ and ‘Star Track’ were also hosted by him on New24.

    Sayeed Ji has won EMBA Best Anchor Award for 2017. His talent and artistry is beyond limits. Shri Sayeed Ji has also directed more than 10 films for Doordarshan, Converted and narrated English News to Hindi and worked for the All India Radio Station at the same time.

    He visited the Virtual Voyage College for a one day workshop on Journalism and Soft Skills.
    He spoke to our students about the importance and responsibility of being a news reporter and anchor on TV. Shri Sayeed Ji immediately caught attention from all the students due to his knowledge and years long field experience.

    His workshop was immensely successful. Virtual Voyage College ensures to ply all their establishments and industry relations to their best potential. Shri Sayeed Hamid Ji Ansari’s visit was an honour, we look forward to seeing you again with such workshops and seminars. Thank You!