Radio Jockey (RJing), Anchoring, Video Jockey (VJing) Industry Exposure

Radio Jockey (RJing), Anchoring, Video Jockey (VJing) Industry Exposure

Virtual Voyage College of Innovation believes in on-job training for VJing, RJing and Anchoring related degree and diploma programs that involves supervising students while they perform tasks allowing them to build their confidence and enhance their skills.

The institute offers an outstanding industry exposure to all their students who have had the courage and determination to stand by an off beat career option to make them ready for the world outside.

Our Curriculum includes:

  • On- air training
  • Visits to Radio FM’s and other Advertising agencies
  • Demonstration workshops by Industry professionals
  • Conduct seminars
  • Participate in projects and assignments outside the school premises
  • Organize special classes and activities
  • Assist with placements

An Anchor, VJ or RJ need to ace critical thinking which only comes post a good exposure to Media and Entertainment Industry.

Our aim is to inculcate the following qualities in our students:

  • Tackle on- air mistakes smoothly
  • Built relationships
  • Avoid on- air abuse and negativity
  • Understand their listeners and viewers
  • Open eye for diverse avenues
  • Approach an opportunity appropriately
  • Self Confidence

The College makes the best use of their industry establishments and often invites renowned VJ’s, RJ’s and Anchors to the campus for better enrichment of students.


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