Physical Fitness Industry Exposure

Physical Fitness Industry Exposure

In the world of Physical Fitness success comes to those who have strong connections.

It all depends on relationships and networking of an individual with the correct kind of people who can further help them grow and enter this business. Virtual Voyage College of Innovation provides an outstanding industry exposure to all their students pursuing a program in Physical Fitness through the following activities:

  • Special training classes
  • Weekend Workshops
  • Gym Visits
  • In-house Coaching
  • Attending outdoor workshops and seminars related to the field
  • Providing training opportunities
  • Attending Fitness events and expos
  • Promoting body positivity through YOGA

Our Physical Fitness mentors conduct consultancy programs where they observe and analyze each student to determine the area of fitness they will likely expertise as per their preference and caliber.

The institute often invites professional Nutritionists, Bodybuilders, Yoga experts, Aerobics and Zumba trainers, Cross fitters and Sports experts to conduct special lessons and seminars and tell our students the tricks to enter the fitness industry and the facts they should know before they make their grand entry in this challenging and competitive business.


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