Performing Arts Industry Exposure

Performing Arts Industry Exposure

Industry exposure in Performing Arts develops creative and technical skills that are necessary to succeed in today’s entertainment industry.

Our qualified tutors and high-caliber guest mentors teach the essentials of storytelling through different forms of art such as dance, theatre, music, speech and movements. Virtual Voyage College of Innovation aims to build an attractive portfolio for all their students pursuing a program in Performing Arts and expand their knowledge and experience during the course by working with external firms and companies for various projects.

The institute conducts numerous educational trips and small visits to art related places and events such as:
– Acting & Media- Swarankan Recording Studio
– MY FM Radio
– SWARDA – a singing event

Virtual Voyage College also invites industry professionals and experts to speak to our students and share their experiences and give a few tips to our students to make their way through this ever evolving industry.

Practical experience in a field like Performing Arts hold more importance than theoretical knowledge therefore the college organizes in house competitions and also prepares and encourages their students to take part in local, national and international level competitions.


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