Multimedia (Graphic & Web Design) Student Testimonials

Multimedia (Graphic & Web Design) Student Testimonials


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    "The faculty here is very experienced and knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot here especially from Vinay Sir and Shilpa Mam, they are really very helpful. I am glad to be a Virtual Voyage College pass out because not only me but all the students have got successful placements from the college."

    Anjali Gujrati

    "My parents did not know what multimedia was until I told them I wanted to make a career in it. Khandwa is a small place, but they have amazing talent.In multimedia, making a film digitally is so much harder than shooting a film. But then it pays off too. I just love it when I’m appreciated!"


    "Great institute, Nice courses for various fields of interest of students. Teachers are good, teaching methods are good, great student teacher interaction helps students to gain vast knowledge great experience."

    Osho Kumar

    "Virtual voyage is that platform where i can see my virtual world very clearly and heading towards my beautiful known voyage."

    Nirlesh Dube

    "Virtual Voyage College of design media and management, Indore is a very good college, Faculty is very supportive, We learn the practical work in Virtual Voyage college, Indore."

    Ankit Chawda

    "Here is beginning of my career, Thank you Virtual Voyage for learning many more things. And specially thank to Dawar Sir for always being with us."

    JS Krishna

    "I had done my course on Virtual Voyage. It has great ambiance. There are good faculties and very good campus to make my future. I am truly happy to choose Virtual Voyage for my bright career."

    Pankaj Raj Gupta

    "I am a former student of Virtual Voyage College. The faculty here is very experienced and knowledgeable. I was a part of the Institution for two years Certification Course in DAVFX and with my experience, I can wholeheartedly say that it was the most beneficial and intriguing journey. Today, I am placed in a well-reputed organization as a Head of The 3D Department."

    Gyanendra Kumar Upadhyay

    "Virtual Voyage is a great place that gives you and your career full exposure. The faculties of the Web & Graphics are very helpful and cooperating. I would suggest everyone, join Virtual Voyage College and especially if you are looking for a career in Graphics. Make your choice Right by joining V2!"

    Namrata Tomar

    "Virtual Voyage has always believed in helping and guiding its students. Regular classes and events held at our college to help us with our creative skills and teamwork were of great help. Our Teachers also guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me secure my placement at such a reputed event company."

    Riya Upadhyay

    "Virtual Voyage gives you much more than a degree. It provides a platform that can help you live all your dreams."

    Pranjal Vashishtha

    "The faculty here is very experienced and knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot here especially from Vinay Sir and Shilpa Mam, they are really very helpful. I am glad to be a Virtual Voyage College pass out because not only me but all the students have got successful placements from the college."

    Anjali Gujrati

    "Virtual Voyage has helped me a lot as an upcoming graphic designer and I have learnt from basics to concepts from Sir Nafees. He has helped me clearing all the basics and concepts of designing. I loved the way he taught us and I miss his classes a lot as he used to teach us with simple language and with best facilities. Thank you Virtual Voyage and a special thanks to Nafees sir! Because of you today I am a skilled Graphic Designer, working at Systango Company."

    Hari Om Meena

    "I am a former student of Virtual Voyage Multimedia Institute. I was a part of college’s two year multimedia program and with my experience i can wholeheartedly say that it was the most beneficial and intriguing experience. Today, I am in a well-reputed organization as a Sr. Web Designer."

    Saurabh Singhal

    "When I started my course, I was facing a lot of difficulties in my academic performance. But thanks to the College’s help, I gradually discovered that I was successful in undertaking assignments and organizing both the things myself. I’ve had immense support from both - staff and faculties who went off their way to help me.I would like to mention a special thanks to Juhi Mam who helped me find my first job (at Digital Dreams Technology). I still remember the day you sent me for the first interview and I got selected in the first attempt itself. This is all because you helped me to create my first resume, you are AWESOME Mam! Thank you Virtual Voyage!!!"

    Kanha Patel

    "I have done B.Sc Multimedia & Diploma Course from RCA/Virtual Voyage College. It's a great college as it provides great exposure with the virtual world. The college somehow fitted well for me because I was given immense support regarding each and everything. I would specially like to thank Gaurav Chhabra Sir, Gaurav Dawar Sir, Rinki Ma'am & Pooja Ma'am for their generous support which has made me who I am right now. Overall, the atmosphere was great. I love V2 and I miss my college days."

    Sohail Shahid

    "Virtual Voyage College was the right learning platform for me. Every problem I brought up to the faculty members was always solved in class and that gave me a lot of confidence. Mr. Gaurav Chabra & Rinki Verma were very friendly as academicians and we were always free to get back to them on any technical doubt or query. I will definitely recommend ‘Virtual Voyage’ to anyone who wants to really learn thoroughly."


    "I chose VV because of its attractive budget programs. I was also drawn to the new graphic program launched in the college. I knew that I would get more personal attention here than at any other college/university.The tutors, admin and support staff were fantastic - they have a real industry experience, are on top of their game and very supportive, Specially Gaurav Dawar sir, under whom I have learned Photoshop, illustrator and other software, he is extremely helpful and what he taught in the class helped me while working for the IT company. Computer Labs over here were also very good, it help to practice things over here without any worries! Also they have supported me with the placement for the good companies."

    Navneet Singh Khanuja

    "Joining Virtual Voyage was a life changing decision for me. Without the support of my trainers at Virtual Voyage, I would have not achieved what I always wanted to. I am thankful to my faculty and Abhay Sir (Director) for helping me achieve what I wanted to in my career point. Virtual Voyage has a great faculty team and a good training environment. Thanks for all the support that you have provided me always. Today, I can confidently say that VV is the best institute for designing. The Environment, Faculties and Facilities are all excellent."

    Rajesh Vishwakarma

    "Virtual Voyage’s course of Graphic Designing helped me become a professional Graphic Designer, providing new learning experiences on the latest softwares. The assignments that were given in class were not only fun, but they also teach me how to solve design problems and give me experiences that were necessary to be a successful designer. All of the faculty were very supportive and they also helped me build a portfolio that clients will notice."

    Neeraj Nautiyal

    "I am glad to say that today, I am a part of a big software engineer team in an IT Company and all because of Virtual Voyage. Also, the systematically patterned syllabus gave me easy ways to learn and grasp the subject easily. And trust me, anyone can learn this way. I would suggest everyone to join V2 and especially if you are looking for a career in Web or graphics. So, if you want to become successful in your life. you should join my college because our one right decision can make our life!!!"

    Jitesh Soni

    "The campus of Virtual Voyage is interestingly situated. It is at the 4th floor of one of the most lively malls of the city which gives a vibrant students to the students. Talking about the academics, the lectures and tutorials were interesting and academically stimulating, and applied to the real-world case studies which were extremely useful. A special and big thanks to Gaurav Chhabra sir and Gaurav Dawar sir during my progress."

    Satish Thalke

    "I am glad that Virtual Voyage provided me facilities which no other college would have ever provided. My teachers have been utterly helpful and I am proud of myself that I was a part of a college like Virtual Voyage. I would like to dedicate this to Gaurav Chhabra and Gaurav Dawar Sir, "I may not remember what my teacher said but I’ll never forget my teacher’s voice."

    Sadik Sheikh

    "The course has been very good, I have enjoyed because of the way the modules are scheduled. There is a lot of flexibility, so you can do other things. I really enjoyed it. "

    Mahendra Paliya