Media & entertainment Business Management Industry Exposure

Media & entertainment Business Management Industry Exposure

Media & Entertainment is no more a minor industry. It has taken the foremost seat to become a leader in contributing significantly to the Indian economy.

Considering the scope of the industry, there is a critical need for qualified professionals to become the growth drivers and attain new heights, Virtual Voyage College of Innovation encourages academic-industry exposures and engagement through the involvement of students in professional work, and promotes faculty to conduct class activities, publish papers and participate in different projects.

The institute has included practical approach in the course module to help create good relationships and interactions between students, teachers, participating guest mentors and the wider local and national community. The idea is to prepare all Media and Business Management degree program students for various aspects of work in the real world. The college organizes education trips to various entertainment and media related firms, exhibitions, seminars and events to help students gain knowledge beyond course subjects.

Various workshops are also conducted by the institute by inviting industry professionals and experts so that the students can learn from their experiences and understand the practical use of theoretical knowledge in the business world.


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