Media (Mass Communication & Journalism) Industry Exposure

Media (Mass Communication & Journalism) Industry Exposure

Students engage in strategic associations with industry leaders to efficiently understand, analyze, connect and present creative and intricate solutions that address real-world challenges faced by organizations.

Virtual Voyage College believes that following formal education, the next stage of a journalist’s career is supervised trips and work experience. An internship program is vital to supplement communication skills and help improve development as a professional. Internships can be effective transitions between formal training and professional practice for evolving professionals to gain a broad range of work experience in various sectors of the field.

This provides them with first-hand industry exposure. Over the years, students have worked on several assignments with various firms. The college took the initiative to take students for educational trips such as:

  • MY FM Radio Station
  • India News Channel
  • Akshar’s Poetic Lounge
  • Indore Press
  • Star News Channel, Doordarshan (Delhi)
  • Naidunia Press
  • Various Advertising Agencies

The institute also invites Industry experts to mentor students and conduct specific workshops.


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