Hardware & Networking Industry Exposure

Hardware & Networking Industry Exposure

Computer Hardware AND Networking is the combination of physical components of a computer system such as a monitor, mouse, keyboard, hard disk drive, RAM, graphics card, motherboard, etc; and how the system allows exchange of data with or without (wireless) the use of cables.

Fields like these require Industry exposure and practical knowledge during the course of learning as:

  • Improves skills
  • Involves application of theory
  • Develop better understanding
  • Creates interests
  • Easily comprehensive
  • Motivates learning
  • Interactive sessions
  • Encourages teamwork

Virtual Voyage College of Innovation also invites experts and professionals from the industry to conduct workshops where they demonstrate techniques and tips that could help them in the future. We encourage students to attend local, national and international seminars and also organize various motivational speeches and course related seminars for students to keep up with their spirits and upgrade themselves with new knowledge in their field.


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