Graphic Design Industry Exposure

Graphic Design Industry Exposure

The most crucial objective of including industry exposure in the training system is to motivate students’ intelligence pursuing Graphic Design and make sure that they are able to learn advanced ways to lead a successful career in the same.

An assisted industry exposure needs to be kept at the pole position in the form of educational trips, student activities and internship opportunities. Virtual Voyage aims to provide praise worthy experience and knowledge of the Multimedia industry.

Our students pursuing Graphic Design visited the Offset Printing Press. The experience turned out to be extremely valuable as not only they experiences a number of ways of ways to implement their software skills in different sectors of designing but also understood the pressure of meeting the deadlines in this rapidly evolving Industry.

Educational tours allow scholars a chance to improve relationships with fellow mates and the faculty which further makes the learning and teaching process easier. Virtual Voyage College organizes such trips and outings throughout the country and ensures to invite graphic professionals and experts from the field across India to guide our students and completely prepare them to step into the world with higher confidence.


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