Digital Media Management Industry Exposure

Digital Media Management Industry Exposure

With an extraordinary growth of the internet over the last few years enormous jobs profiles are available in the Digital Media Industry such as:

– Writers
– Illustrators
– Graphic designers
– Marketing experts
– Social Media fanatics

Virtual Voyage College understands the immediate need of the Digital Media Sector for young and enthusiastic individuals hence provides all their media and entertainment students with exposures that will prepare them well to stand out in the marketing world.

Our associations with several Digital Media firms make us capable of sending our students to assist them for certain projects and intern with them prior to applying for jobs. Our students have a major appetite for information that can lead them correctly in the practical world. To fulfill this craving Virtual Voyage invites various public figures who have been notching up their social media, social media experts, known personalities and professionals from the Media business to reveal the secrets of gaining followers and selling successfully through digital media.

We organize in-house events and activities to bring out the best in our students. Our workshops are mainly held by industry professionals for a student only then understands the pressure of working in the real world.


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