Computerized Financial Accounting Industry Exposure

Computerized Financial Accounting Industry Exposure

Computerized Financial Accounting is a requirement for job profiles like:

  • Accounting Administrators
  • Accounting Receptionists
  • Financial Assistants
  • Job Duties
  • Education Requirements
  • Administration Managers

These opportunities come true with a prior experience in the field. Employers often end up recruiting a person with prior job experience or someone who has made an extra effort during the course of studying the subject.Practical knowledge in such fields is critical for students to understand the implementation of theoretical knowledge and its implications.

Virtual Voyage College of Innovation therefore provides an appreciable industry exposure to all their students pursuing a professional degree or diploma in Computerized Financial Accounting. The institute organizes special CA and CS classes on weekends to expand a student’s knowledge beyond the course curriculum.

We often invite industry professionals and experts to speak to our students about their experiences in the business world and conduct short and long workshops for student advancement.


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